Hackers from the Anonymous collective have created a website to publish personal data captured from right-wing sites and other online platforms. Data privacy experts are concerned – some hackers, too, reports Deutsche Welle.
The Anonymous computer hacker collective has mounted what it is calling “Operation Blitzkrieg” to attack neo-Nazis in the new year.
In addition to disabling a number of Web sites associated with the National Democratic Party (NPD), an extreme-right political party in Germany, the hackers launched a new site, nazi-leaks.net, listing hundreds of people’s names captured from other extreme-right sites.
The lists include complete names and, in many cases, e-mail addresses and telephone numbers of people who, for instance, have visited, communicated or done business with a variety of Web sites, such as a far-right Thor Steinar clothing shop or who have contributed to the NPD.

In addition, the group has launched a new site — http://nazi-leaks.net — which is publishing the names and contact details of people associated with the neo-nazi movement.
The hackers say they have managed to close down 15 websites associated with the neo-Nazi National Democratic Party (NPD), the Frankfurter Rundschaureported on Monday. They have reportedly called their campaign “Operation Blitzkrieg”.

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