Since the release of PlayBook 2.0 a lot is going on with the tablet of RIM and many rumors and changes around the company, I’ll dig in to that later, this post is about being procutive on the PlayBook.
At the new PlayBook website CrackBook a very useful article can be found about BlackBerry PlayBook Productivity.
BlackBerry PlayBook Productivity

“Productivity on the PlayBook was something I wanted to test for a long time and since the BlackBerry Playbook 2.0 release date there are many apps that make it possible.
The multitasking is really powerfull and the RIM tablet can handle everything very well.
This try out is mainly about server administration and office work, but there are so many apps available now that the combination of a PlayBook connected to a keyboard and mouse, and connected through HDMI to a big screen makes the PlayBook a serious candidate for replacement of desktops and notebooks.
And even better; with BlackBerry Bridge you can use your smartphone to remote control your PlayBook!”

BlackBerry PlayBook Productivity Video’s

These video’s gives an impression of what we can do on the PlayBook regarding productivity according to CrackBook, but do they look like we can use this as a daily notebook replacement?


And Part II also show how to connect the PlayBook to a big LED screen, cool!
“Here is demonstrated how to start and connect the PlayBook to a television, and connect through Bluetooth to use Bridge and Remote Control.”


More on productivity, as CrackBook continues;

“In AppWorld is a category for productivity with a whole bunch of apps available.”

BlackBerry PlayBook AppWorld Productivity

And there is also a mention of “ActivityLog Pro” from KNY Apps which is a very nice app for management of all your productivty activity.
You can set your own categories and more options, read more here about this cool app.

BlackBerry PlayBook ActivityLogPro

The productivity apps I use the most are Remote Desktop, Telnet and SSH, Office tasks like creating word and excel and editing documents with DocsToGo and printing with Print To Go.
E-mail and twitter, internet browser in the background while doing work on servers at the same time.

“Apps like LiteFTP, ProInsights, Print To Go, Photo Editor are handy and the builtin browser is very good for all kinds of web based apps, and you can try SimpleBrowser+ which is my favorite browser.
And more can be found which makes the PlayBook even more productive, think of marketshare apps, sales apps, CRM and ERP clients, and there is a Citrix connection app in AppWorld.”

Read more on the CrackBook post for more on this topic.

Playbook and Productivity on the Web

When looking for aps and reviews about productivity and work on the PlayBook I found some useful articles that might become handy for seraching on the web.

[Note]The official productivity page from RIM is worth visiting and recommended – [/Note]

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Looking for the latest Business and Productivity Apps for your Playbook? We have the latest stock, financial, banking and word processing applications.

Review: Docs to Go in BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 | N4BB – News


With the new official BlackBerry Bluetooth keyboard coming out soon, there is now more focus on the PlayBook’s productivity apps. Naturally, we’re talking about the Docs to Go suite, the PlayBook’s native offering for viewing,

Productivity on the PlayBook — Knoji


A question we all have is can we be productive on our tablets? Or are they merely a toy that let’s use enjoy media. Well the BlackBerry PlayBook was designed with both the workplace and at home in mind. It combines productivity and fun into

BlackBerry Mobile Fusion – We give you tools, not toys, for the workplace – Inside BlackBerry 21

I know it may not be as “sexy” as what’s on the outside, but it’s incredibly important – it’s the networks, software, tools, and other invisible components that make a product…productivity, and turning technology toys into useful tools.

BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 Walkthrough With RIM’s Jeff Gadway – BerryReview 15

They are Communications, Productivity, and Connections. I am talking about productivity. Even cooler is the ability to edit email threads inline so you can respond inline RIM also created nice connectivity between the apps which truly makes it feel like the PlayBook is getting the BlackBerry trademark productivity.

The just released Keyboard case!

RIM Lists How BlackBerry PlayBook Mini Keyboard Makes You


RIM Lists How BlackBerry PlayBook Mini Keyboard Makes You More Productive. playbook-mini-keyboard. Research In Motion recently released the BlackBerry Mini Keyboard. RIM says with this ultra-portable companion for

BlackBerry Mini Keyboard for the BlackBerry PlayBook |


This is an accessory that can add a huge amount of value to your work and productivity. By leveraging the keyboard along with the convertible case, you get the additional screen space (rather than using the on-screen keyboard), and a stylish case that doubles as a stand for the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. Check out the video above for an in-depth demo of the BlackBerry Mini Keyboard as well as multiple use cases via the Citrix Receiver for BlackBerry PlayBook

Blackberry Playbook Bluetooth Keyboard Review | BlackBerry


With the new official BlackBerry Bluetooth keyboard coming out soon, there is now more focus on the PlayBook’s productivity apps. Naturally, we’re talking about the Docs to Go suite, the PlayBook’s native offering for viewing,

RIM points out some of the ways the PlayBook Mini Keyboard boosts


Now that the BlackBerry PlayBook Mini Keyboard has launched, RIM is doing a great job of getting word out about its features and benefits. The latest bit of information details some of the ways you can boost your productivity

BlackBerry PlayBook Bluetooth Keyboard Case Hands-on (Video) –

MobileSyrup.comBlackBerry PlayBook Bluetooth Keyboard Case Hands-on (Video)MobileSyrup.comThe BlackBerry PlayBook is nothing if not versatile, as evinced by its almost-complete transformation in February with OS 2.0. With that release, it is more lik …

So, is being productive with the BlackBerry PlayBook coming close to replace the desktop PC? if you know any productivity apps not listed leave a comment, thank you.

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