Thought it would be useful to share this from a BlackBerry employee who recently posted this nice PlayBook tutorial on the BlackBerry blog.
He explains how the gestures works, browser tips, power management and more.

1. Show and Hide the Keyboard

Whenever you need to quickly access the keyboard, just swipe in from the bottom left of the bezel. To hide the keyboard when you are finished, tap on the hide keyboard button that appears in the bottom left corner.

2. Optimizing BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet Battery Life

To help optimize battery life of the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, here are a few things I do whenever I don’t have access to a charger and I need to maximize the life of my battery:

1) Dim the screen

  • Tap on the battery icon and adjust the brightness slider bar, or access the “Screen” setting within the Settings menu.

2) Enable a shorter Backlight Time-out & Standby Time-Out

  • Tap on the gear icon, then tap the “Screen” setting, and then specify a Backlight Time-Out value.

3) Turn off Wi-Fi® and/or Bluetooth® connectivity

  • Tap on the Wi-Fi and/or Bluetooth icons followed by selecting “Off”.

4) Pause apps when you show the home screen or switch between apps

  • Tap on the gear icon, then tap the “General” setting, and set “Application Behavior” to “Paused”.

3. Search using the Browser Address Bar


Instead of visiting a search engine website to perform a search, while using the browser, you can just type whatever you are looking for in the address bar and press the “Enter” key to perform an automatic search. By default your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet uses the Bing™ search engine. To change which search engine is used, swipe down the top bezel while using the browser and select “Options”. Within this menu, you’ll have the option to select which search engine your browser automatically uses.

4. Peek at the Status Bar

The next time you are using an app and need to quickly enable the orientation lock feature or check your notifications or battery life, just swipe down from either the top left or top right bezel. I use this gesture so I can tap on the battery icon and put my tablet into Stand By mode whenever I need to put it away.

[Note]Read the full article here on the BlackBerry blog[/Note]


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