1 Million PlayBook Tablets

Like the title says; one million PlayBooks on the planet!
Many websites are reporting this like SlashGear, not that positive vie in the post but it still has some valid points.
RIM is having a hard time lately, negative reports, CEO’s resigned, tough competition, but I think they still have a big chance of succeeding.
Liliputing, the source of the slashgear post, is a bit more positive and talks about ‘making money’ with the PlayBook.
Sure, they have cutt-off the price of the tablet, but like they say still over one million PlayBook customers…
But they have a point, it took a while before the PlayBook was a real iPad Killer, and I must say, the 2.0 release with the bloated native stuff didn’t bring me that much happiness.
In fact, I do not use it anymore, I have my mail on my smartphone and when doing work I use outlook, still the best in my opinion, I Will get back on that topic later.
The other PlayBook 2.0 release findings will follow soon, I’m still testing and playing around with it but can say that it has really cool features.

The web and one million PlayBooks

RIM has over one million PlayBook customers


Over the past few months, RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook tablet has significantly grown in popularity. The price drop is most likely what contributed to its success – success that has made the PlayBook own 15% of Canada’s

BlackBerry Playbook crosses 1 million sale in 1 year


BlackBerry Playbook has crossed the milestone of 1 million sale, as per recent revelation. Price slashing as well as offering of this RIM tablet as free gift with mobile phones are the factors, which have boosted its sale in the

BlackBerry PlayBook Reaches 1 Million Customers | Tablets


Last year BlackBerry’s PlayBook tablet seemed to be ready to have the same fate as the HP TouchPad, for a while. However, now through the update of PlayBook OS.

Over 1 Million Playbooks Sold, Blackberry 10 Devices on the Way


Today in Blackberry news from RIM along with the Q4 Earnings call along with, Jim Basillie stepping down, Thorsten Heins confirmed over 1 million BlackBerry PlayBook owners out there. RIM says they have shipped another

The number of owners tablet PlayBook exceeded one million


users PlayBook tablet over 1 million people the term user is used to mean customers that is, the company managed to sell on the market for more than a million of their tablets. According to the report, RIM, in the last quarter of the market was

Playbook finally through sold out of 1 million | Gadget Fan


Playbook finally through sold out of 1 million. 10:41 PM Eric Meireles. GadgetFan – Research in Motion recently announced that the Canadian company has sold over one million Playbook since it was first released a year ago. Sales is also

RIM 4Q Not So Good, Reports 1 Million PlayBook Customers


Research in Motion CEO Thorsten Heins reported during a fourth quarter earnings call that there are more than 1 million BlackBerry PlayBook customers in the market today.

RIM Blackberry Playbook hits 1 million sales ~ GSM Insider


Determined to actually drive some good publicity for itself, Research in Motion has announced that more than a million Playbook tablets have made their way to end users, a little over a year after it was first introduced to the

BlackBerry PlayBook Reaches 1 Million Customers | AllTabletPC


Last year BlackBerry’s PlayBook tablet seemed to be ready to have the same fate as the HP TouchPad, for a even as. But, now through the update of PlayBook OS and the fee decrease, this is really a viable 7 inch slate

RIM’s New CEO Acknowledges It Is Time for Change – Ina Fried


The company also now has one million PlayBook tablets in the market, Heins said. (Thanks, of course, to steep price cuts.) Heins said RIM expects BlackBerry 10 devices to enter carrier testing in the summer, in order to hit the

Over 1 Million BlackBerry PlayBook Users – BlackBerry 10 Carrier Acceptance … – BerryReview


BerryReviewOver 1 Million BlackBerry PlayBook Users – BlackBerry 10 Carrier Acceptance …BerryReviewby the BerryReview Team on March 29th, 2012 · 6 Comments Thorsten Heins confirmed on the call today that there are now over 1 million BlackBerry Play …

BlackBerry-maker RIM takes two more steps to save itself – Toronto Star


IBNLive.comBlackBerry-maker RIM takes two more steps to save itselfToronto StarBloomberg News Related RIM’s new CEO already under fire Online reaction: New PlayBook update RIM releases new PlayBook OS RIM flunks PR test despite YouTube apology More R …

Research In Motion Posts Loss, Cuts Ties – Index and Company News

http://www.stockpricetoday.com/Mar 30

Net profit before writedowns and goodwill was $418 million ($0.80 per share) vs $934 million in 2010 ($1.78 per share). RIM shipped just 11.1 million Blackberrys in the 4th quarter down 21% from the 3rd quarter.

TechCrunch – RIM Falls Short – BlackBerry Shipments Down 21% From Q3, Former Co-CEO Jim Balsillie Resigns – TechCrunch

http://techcrunch.com/Mar 29

RIM forecasted during their Q3 earnings call that they would ship between 11 and 12 million BlackBerry handsets this quarter, and managed to move 11.1 million — that’s a 21% dip from their Q3 BlackBerry shipments.

RIM posts loss as new CEO begins to clean house – kwch.com

http://www.kwch.com/Mar 29

Dan Dodge, former head of QNX Software, will replace David Yach as RIM’s top software architect RIM bought QNX in 2010 and is counting on the operating system to power its PlayBook tablet and redesigned BlackBerry 10 smartphones that will be launched later this year.

In the investor conference call held in March RIM anounced that it has over 1 million BlackBerry PlayBooks customers, reports mobileburn, and according to the Q4 2012 financial results which RIM published.
“RIM reported shipments of 500,000 PlayBook tablets in Q4, so it is entirely possible that there have been 1 million units sold since the tablet’s launch last April. Late last year, RIM cut the price of the PlayBook by about $300 to stimulate sales, and it seems that may have done the trick to get a few of the tablets moving off of shelves.”
As many would agree with this, RIM is doing the right thing after listening to the investor conference call, Thorsten Heins said that part of RIM’s efforts will be to focus on business and Heins said that their new Mobile Fusion project is part of this and their new platform BB10 could be licensed to other vendors.
I think that licensing the BB OS to other manufactures would be a good thing, after all it is still one of the best mobile platform on the market.
And some intresting news about recently resigned Jim Balsillie uncovering plans he had with the company Reuters reports.

RIM Logo

The verge also reports about the sold PlayBooks, and has a post of the conference call where you can listen to the recording, it is almost one hour of audio.
Because RIM has announced its fiscal earnngs of the fourth quarter of 2012, and many might say they are not good because they lost $125 million on a revenue of $4.2 billion.
Their revenue is down by 19 percent from the third quarter and BlackBerry smartphone Q4 numbers reports 11.1 million shipped, which is a 21 percent down compared to Q3.

Research In Motion Stock Information

If you take a look at the history of the stock, I think they have a strong downwards fall but are not dead or anything.
And analysts think the same, not much will happen this year.
Maybe microsoft will buy them, rumors about them investing in RIM are still in the news.
Seriously though, I think that isn’t a bad thing, BlackBerry has a strong history with Microsoft and their flagship products like Exchange and BES are still a good choice today in enterprise IT and businesses.
That’s why I think Mobile Fusion has a great chance of getting success, companies are facing device management and ‘bring your own device’ deployments in their infrastructures and Mobile Fusion is a very nice solution.
And the PlayBook has many features for the enterprise, and the smartphone from RIM is still the most secure and stable.
Not financial numbers, but the AppWorld numbers are more positive and show growth over time which is a good thing.
Over 6000 new developers joined app-development for BlackBerry, thanks to the give-away of PlayBooks.
In february RIM said AppWorld had more than 60,000 apps, 174 million apps downloaded every month, and 6 million app downloads per day!
In April some more numbers released;

Something’s happening, something wonderful «BlackBerry


There are over 35000 registered or pending approval vendors in BlackBerry App World – with over 70000 apps up for sale to more than 77 million BlackBerry subscribers and over 1 million BlackBerry PlayBook tablet users

Today more then 2 billion(!) app have been downloaded and is available in 164 countries around the world, those are impressive numbers and shows that RIM is still in the game.
A nice infographic from blogberry.de on Read Write Web shows more details about other appstores aswell;

And after the investor conference call RIM posted on their inside blog: ‘RIM remains Committed to the Consumer Market’ in which they explain their commitment with the consumer market and explaining the new focus of the BlackBerry brand.
The report of the Q4 2012 financial results can be downloaded from the official RIM website and for more on their stock and company information.

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