Some while ago I bought an app for my BlackBerry Playbook to read all my RSS Feeds and could not find any good ones until WebReader for PlayBook came to my attention.
On the famous CrackBerry Forums people also were asking for good RSS readers so there should be a good one!
Started as a web-based RSS reader they released a Blackberry PlayBook version late 2011 and it came available in Blackberry AppWorld.
The only way of using it is by logging in with a google acount(correct me if I’m wrong please) but I use Google Reader on a daily basis so this wasn’t an issue for me.
The Google reader is just perfect and works flawless in browsers, the WebReader uses your account for fetching the feeds to your Blackberry PlayBook or desktop client.



  • Subscribe to any page, blog, rss or atom feed
  • Smart Search
  • Offline mode
  • Starred and recommended items
  • Unread subscriptions filter
  • Folders and subscriptions management
  • Smart Filter
  • Expand view
  • Multiple views to read articles
  • Share with your friends
  • Adjustable font size
  • Original site view
  • Settings
  • Instant alerts
  • Connect with Google
  • Works on Windows, Mac and Linux
  • No spam
  • Keyboard shortcuts


I made a video to show how easy and fast it works reading your feeds on your BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet, Watch the video below;


“Designed for minimal battery consumption, performance and long reading sessions.
The playbook features 1GB RAM = 1024MB RAM memory, WebReader at startup will consume 12MB memory, meaning 1% of the total memory.
Web Reader cares about your battery life. It consumes fewer resources and memory making your battery last more.
After running heavy tests (loading 1000 articles at once, normally Web Reader is limited to load only 20 articles), every time the memory reaches a maximum of 64MB will drop off at 28MB, so no matter how long you’ll read Web Reader will never crash on your Playbook. 
It uses oAuth to grant access to your Google account, OAuth is an emerging protocol that one website can use to access your data on another website without asking you to reveal your username and password.
Web Reader for Playbook supports specific layouts for both landscape and portrait mode.”

[Note]Explore the WebReader website and if you like on your desktop concider buying it for your BlackBerry PlayBook at the BlackBerry AppWorld for 3.99$[/Note]

Happy Reading!

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