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A modern blog about digital life, internet and everything else bits and bytes, thanks for visiting!

Who am I

I work in ICT and work with computer systems, networks and infrastructures.
My hobbies are playing video games and building internet things, hacking stuff, playing with ‘domotica’ on my raspberry pies, and many other fun things.


Music is very special to me and I am a huge music lover, I own thousands of vinyl records and I’m very happy to own Technics SL1200 MKII turntables.
Video games, I like space games, Star Citizen is my favorite game and I’m a high admiral backer and big fan of RSI/CIG.

You can find me on the web but I also like to stay anonymous when possible, so, I like to keep things secure and private and I always encourage others to do so.
My website is mainly for everything life and internet but I also blog about what’s in the news or other interesting things besides funny stuff.

My ride

For daily transport I drive a Seat Leon, type FR.



Tools I use

  • Microsoft Windows; I use windows 7, 10 and server 2008/2012 a lot on a daily basis. (Commercial, owned)
  • Unix/Linux/FreeBSD; Just like WIndows I use these every day. (OpenSource)
  • Microsoft Office; For my documents and such I use Office365 Personal version 2016. (Commercial, owned)
  • Mozilla Thunderbird; For my e-mail accounts, this so I can secure my messages with encryption. (OpenSource)
  • Mozilla Firefox; Daily browsing on the internet. (OpenSource)
  • Google Chrome; Daily browsing on the internet. (OpenSource)
  • Microsoft Edge; Daily browsing on the internet, desktop and mobile. (Commercial, owned)
  • Bitdefender Antivirus; One of the better security software for your desktop. (Commercial, owned)
  • FileZilla FTP Cient; FTP software. (OpenSource)
  • FlashFXP FTP Client; FTP software. (Commercial, owned)
  • Machette; Video editing software, mainly for cutting mp4 files. (Commercial, owned)
  • SEO Power Suite; Superior SEO software for analyzing websites and backlinks. (Commercial, owned)
  • BuzzBundle; Social media analytics and tracking. (Commercial, owned)
  • VoiceAttack; Speak into your microphone and turn them into keyboard and mouse actions. (Freeware & Commercial)
  • Teamspeak; Cross-platform voice communication software. (OpenSource)
  • Discord; All-in-one voice and text chat. (OpenSource)
  • Oracle VirtualBox; Run computers within other computers for free. (OpenSource)
  • VMware & Hyper-V; Hypervisors, Recommended is VMware, VirtualBox doesn’t support ‘Nested Virtualization’. (Freeware & Commercial)
  • Notepad++; One of the best notepads around. (OpenSource)
  • RemoteDesktopmanager; For remote connections to servers and resources. (Freeware)
  • TeamViewer; Remote support, remote access, and online meeting software. (Freeware & Commercial)
  • cURL Manager; For cURL stuff. (Commercial, , owned)
  • Fiddler; For troubleshooting and analyzing web related things. (OpenSource)
  • xShell;  Powerful terminal emulator that supports SSH, SFTP, Telnet, RLOGIN and Serial. (Freeware)
  • Putty; Terminal, SSH & Telnet client. (OpenSource)
  • WinSCP; Gui for SSH & SFTP. (OpenSource)
  • Greenshot; Light-weight screenshot software. (OpenSource)
  • VideoLan; VLC is a free and open source cross-platform multimedia player. (OpenSource)
  • WinRAR; A powerful archive manager. (Freeware & Commercial)
  • OWASP Zed Attack Proxy; Find security vulnerabilities in web applications. (OpenSource)
  • Acronis True Image 2016; Backup & Recovery software. (Commercia, owned)
  • uBlock Origin; An efficient blocker add-on for various browsers. (OpenSource)
  • Moo0 System Monitor; Smart program that shows what is going on with your computer. (OpenSource)
  • Nmap; Utility for network discovery and security auditing. (OpenSource)
  • Xmind; Mind mapping & diagram tool. (OpenSource)
  • DFX Audio; Improves the sound quality of your computer. (Commercial, owned)
  • Steinberg Cubase 4; Music sequencer, for recording, arranging and editing. (Commercial, owned)
  • Stardock Star10; Windows 10 start menu replacement. (Commercial, owned)

Online services I use

  • PrivateVPN; Paid VPN service I highly recommend. (Commercial, owned)
  • CyberghostVPN; Paid VPN service which is also highly recommended. (Commercial, owned)
  • LastPass; Password manager (Freeware & Commercial, owned)
  • Brain.fm; AI-generated music to improve focus, relaxation & sleep. (Commercial, owned)
  • Office365; Online/On-premise office software, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook. (Commercial, owned)
  • PushAlot; Platform for receiving custom push notifications to Windows Phone. (Free service)

Video games I play

  • Star Citizen; First Person Universe that will allow for unlimited game play. (In alpha, In development)

My current smartphone

  • Microsoft Lumia 950; Windows 10 Mobile/Phone OS.
  • Microsoft Lumia 950; Microsoft Display Dock.

Current operating systems used

  • Microsoft Windows systems; Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows 2008, Windows 2012.
  • Unix/Linux distributions; Debian, Ubuntu, FreeBSD, Whonix, Kali.
  • Synology NAS; 2x 211j.
  • Raspberry pi; Pi 2 Model B, Pi 3 Model B.
  • Domotica systems; Pi 2 Model B Domoticz.
  • Camera systems; Foscam Camera’s, Vstarcam Doorbell.

Domotica systems used

  • Raspberry Pi [Controller]; Pi 2 Model B (Debian)
  • Z-Wave [Network]; Aeonlabs Z-stick (Aeotec).
  • Multi Sensors; Multiple Aeonlabs MultiSensor 6 (Aeotec).
  • Z-Wave [Lights]; Several Z-Wave LED bulbs (Domitech).
  • Z-Wave [Energy]; Aeonlabs Home Energy Meter (Aeotec).

Connected periphials

  • Logitech G; G710+ Mechanical keyboard. Wired.
  • Logitech G; G502 Protheus Core Mouse, Wired.
  • Logitech G; G933 Artemis Spectrum Headset, Wireless.
  • Steelseries; Apex Raw Keyboard, Wired.
  • MadCatz; R.A.T. 5 Mouse, Wired.

Messages & Chat

  • Currently I’m using Threema on my smartphone, My Threema ID is below in QR;