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ProtonVPN has launched

ProtonVPN has launched


A new VPN service has launched, ProtonVPN.

This company is the same as ProtonMail, I have been using ProtonMail for a while now and have moved my e-mail domain to ProtonMail.
If you are looking for secure e-mail look no further, ProtonMail is top notch.
Headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, a non-profit foundation financed by the Swiss Federal Commission for Technology and Innovation and by the community.
I have a plus account which has a price of 50€ a year, but they do offer a free account, I got a plus account so I could move my whole e-mail domain and have some other features and to support them.

Back to the VPN part, they have launched another service called ProtonVPN, I have been using the beta version for some time now and it has now officially been opened for the public.
We all know what VPN means, if not it stands for Virtual Private Network and is mostly used by companies for remote workers “to send and receive data across shared or public networks as if their computing devices were directly connected to the private network.” – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virtual_private_network
It is also used to hide the user’s original IP address and is offered by many companies, I use PrivateVPN also a lot – https://privatevpn.com/
When you need really good privacy go for these VPN services, I highly recommend them and use them myself.

This new VPN service has advanced features I haven’t seen at other services, ProtonVPN has ‘Secure Core’ which means they route your traffic through multiple servers before it leaves their network, it looks like they forward traffic through nodes, very cool stuff and secure.

And when reading some more, from https://protonvpn.com/about which sounds also very well thought of;
“For security reasons, ProtonVPN AG is legally separate from Proton Technologies AG, which operates ProtonMail. For technical security reasons, ProtonVPN and ProtonMail also operate on completely segregated infrastructures. However, ProtonVPN does draw upon the extensive technical knowledge of the team at Proton Technologies AG, along with external partners with extensive VPN expertise.”

June 20, 2017

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  1. Rob Van Zermalens

    Expensive VPN provider but very fast and secure, thanks for the blogpost.

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